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"The Site" may include links to other web sites or other internet sources. As Cheval des Andes cannot control these web sites and these external sources, Cheval des Andes cannot be held responsible for the provision of these web sites and external sources, and may not be held liable for the content, advertising, products, services or any other material available on or from these web sites or external sources. Furthermore, Cheval des Andes cannot be held responsible for any proven or alleged harm or losses resulting from or in relation to the use of, or the fact of having had confidence in, the content, goods or services available on these web sites or external sources.
Cheval des Andes

The Story

At the origin of the Grand Cru of the Andes

Cheval des Andes is the first fusion of the Premier Grand Cru Classé A of Saint-Emilion - Cheval Blanc, with its savoir-faire, and Terrazas de los Andes, with the best Argentine high-altitude terroir, and its expertise in producing Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon.
The philosophy of successive harvests directly addresses the synergy born as a driving idea to bring together in one single wine: the French art of assemblage, and the creative innovation of the new world.

The Vineyards

An exceptional terroir

Cheval des Andes is located in Las Compuertas district, one of the most prestigious and recognized region of Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza.
Our 50-hectare vineyard preserves an exceptional terroir thanks to soil and climate conditions, the vegetal material and the cultural practices that are daily carried out with dedication and great efforts. The soil is sandy-loam with stone content at the depth and good drainage which encourages deep root growth and ensures greater balance, durability and the finest expression. On the other hand, the climate of this Grand Cru is moderate, with an excellent temperature range.
All these factors are essential to make Cheval des Andes the most expressive and refined Grand Cru of the Andes.

The Wine

A meticulous winemaking process

Cheval des Andes production follows only one purpose: to make the Grand Cru de los Andes, with all the passion and dedication that come from its French-Argentine roots. Cheval des Andes is "the perfect assemblage reborn".

1. The different varieties are hand-harvested.
2. Bunches and berries are thoroughly selected at the winery.
3. Varietals undergo 18 months of ageing in French oak barrels.
4. Assemblage definition and elaboration: Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petit Verdot.
5. Final blend is aged in new French oak barrels during 6 more months.
6. Bottling and extended bottle ageing for at least 18 months.


Freshness & purity

Intense red colour with bright tinges that express the vivacity and purity of Cheval des Andes.

An aromatically fresh and refined wine, with outstanding notes of black cherries and blackcurrant. Then, notes of wild blackberry jelly, with subtle menthol and spicy tones such as the bay leaf appear. Complexity and elegance with subtle notes of cinnamon arise due to its aging in oak barrel.

Vibrant and precise Delicate and silky tannins balanced by a seductive acidity are combined with elegant notes of red fruits and tobacco. Long persistence is developed with a clear exhibition of the characteristic freshness, purity and elegance of this Millésime 2008 of the Grand Cru of the Andes: Cheval des Andes

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